Welcome to Dorsia.

Join our international oasis, inspired by our many adventures through the global club land. We fell in love with a raw mix of the excessive flamboyance of the 80´s jet set, refined into a futuristic Asian-inspired minimal Scandinavian den of debauchery. We have created a scene for the new generation elite, who longs for an organic-sensual experience.

High quality and attention to detail flows through all aspects of Dorsia: Luxurious decor, razor-sharp mixologists, cutting edge technology and a state of the art sound system and design, filled with the best handpicked crowd in Scandinavia.

Dorsia is located next to Copenhagen´s legendary church: Vor Frue Kirke.

To secure a smooth admission, book a table in the heart of the action, near our dazzling dance floor - or choose to lurk in the shadows for a more private and intimate session.


No club is better than its guests. We have a lot of attractive friends, so to create a perfectly mixed crowd and avoid disappointment at our delirious door, we offer an exclusive membership service. Apply here, be patient - and wait for our key card to heaven.

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Table reservation卓子

Special Events特別なイベント

We make things happen at Dorsia - if you want to be the head of a special event, dinner, video shoot, launch party, business showcase or host your birthday, please contact us here. The sky´s the limit.



Kattesundet 4, 1458 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Opening hours
: Friday & Saturday
: 11pm – 05am


Lost & found:lostandfound@dorsia.dk